Nokia N8 Reviewed

Mobile-Review managed to get their hands on a Nokia N8 recently for review to see if it’s as good as expected, or if it will be a flop for the mobile phone company.

We first heard about the Nokia N8 back in March where a leaked picture of the phone was found. Since then the phone has been spotted a few times in XML files and another location. Mobile-Review now have a hands on with the device.

The Nokia N8 is set to be the first ever Symbian^3 phone launched with launch dates being scheduled for for Q3 (previously Q2) with an unknown announcement date although it is expected to be announced in May or June.

The phone it’s self has a large touchscreen on the front and is believed to be one of the flagship phones that the company are building this year.

The downside is that the review wasn’t very favourable from what we understand of the machine translation. We hope to get our hands on a review unit closer to the time but from what we understand it isn’t as good as Google Android or iPhone OS which puts it on a bad start.

Full review can be found here.

Via: Engadget


  1. Thomas@Blackberry phone says

    Great posting as well as great phone too. It will be nice to grab such new gadgets of Nokia and can’t wait no more for the announcement.

  2. don’t expect too much from this company. When the phone software ends up freezing and the hardware isn’t up to the job nokia will wipe their hands of you because they already have your money like they did to n97 owners. Don’t believe the hype. Ovi store is a joke too so don’t expect any good apps. Waste your money somewhere else but don’t buy a nokia!

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