Nokia N8 180 percent Faster than N97

Although we had a bit of a let down when we heard the Nokia N8 wasn’t due to ship till August, we still hear good news today in that early benchmark tests reveal that the N8 is very quick.

The Nokia N8 has some decent specifications that include a nice 12 megapixel camera although the CPU was thought to be a little on the slow side at 680MHz. However, some benchmark tests have been performed that show the N8 is still quite quick and in fact, it maxed out the benchmarking software on some tests.

Finestfones managed to get some time with the Nokia N8 recently and they decided to use an app called Speedy Go! that allows Symbian users to test their phones and see what kind of frame rates they can get out of it. The Speedy Go! application lets users test various functions with or without the graphics accelerator on. When the accelerator was switched off the phone managed to beat the Nokia N97 by 180%.

What’s more impressive is that the Nokia N8 managed to max out the benchmarking software quite easily by hitting 60 frames per second on all tests. Finestfones indicated they needed to look for another benchmarking software tool.

Although the N8 had some criticism from a website that got hold of a prototype, perhaps the N8 isn’t that bad at all. With the N8 using Symbian^3, it can also make full use of hardware acceleration which is a bonus compared to older phones that could not.

Via: SlashGear

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