Nokia N8 Launch Date Revealed as August 24

We finally have an official release date for the Nokia N8. The date for launch is August 24 and that day, we’ll see the new Symbian^3 device launched.

Right now, no carriers have the Nokia N8 smartphone listed (as to be expected so far away from launch) although one place that does have the smartphone listed off contract is Amazon in Germany.

Amazon DE have the Nokia N8 priced at ‚¬469,50 and the phone is available to pre-order today.

What we recommend is that you wait a few months till early August when different carriers start listing the phone and choose a new contract (if the reviews are favourable), where you will pick up the phone on an 18 or 24 month contract for free or relatively cheap.

When launched, the Nokia N8 will come in five colours. Amazon currently only offer the black version of the smartphone.

When we get more official details of the smartphone, we’ll pass them on.

Via: Engadget Available from Amazon DE for Pre-order.


  1. Why nokia announces there devices well in advance, still 2 months to go when the device is launched the buzz generated weakens Nokia should do some thing about that

  2. when nokia N8 will launch and come in india

    what will the indian price of N8

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