Nokia Allowed to Customize Windows Phone 7 Experience

We’re learning more about the Nokia and Microsoft partnership as days go on. The latest we hear it that Microsoft has given Nokia the ability to customize the OS as much as they like, in that they can completely change the look of it in a similar way to what HTC does with Sense on the Android platform.

However, it appears that Nokia wont be doing much customization and instead, will be keeping the changes to a minimum from what they say. In doing this, it will allow new updates to be rolled out quickly rather than delaying them due to too many modifications.

We expect to see the first Windows Phone 7 smartphones from Nokia sometime this year although exact details are a little scarce at the moment. Nokia is of course hoping that bring the WP7 platform to the company can actually turn it around.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. Rakesh Kumar says

    According to me, Nokia has taken right step. I also waiting for this innovation. Thanks for updates.

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