Nokia 808 PureView Not Coming to the US

In the small print of the Nokia 808 PureView specs there’s a bit of information that says the device will not be launching in the US. This might frustrate a few people as the device has an amazing looking 41 megapixel camera on it and caught the attention of many people this past week.

It’s not all that bad though as Nokia also have mentioned that Windows Phone devices built by them will soon begin using the PureView technology. It isn’t clear right now if PureView is simply the algorithms or if the whole 41 Megapixel sensor and lens will be added to the device. If that happens then still expect a PureView device(s) in the next few months out in the US.

This all might not be too much of a bad thing though as the Symbian operating system isn’t every ones favourite and it will probably sell better a Windows Phone PureView device instead.

Although we don’t know specific dates, expect to see something PureView in the next few months from Nokia on the Windows Phone platform.


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