Windows Phone to Get Nokia PureView Cameras

Nokia has confirmed that the new PureView camera technology will be installed on various Windows Phones which are coming soon. For those of you unsure, PureView comes from a new Symbian based smartphone called the Nokia 808 PureView and is used to identify a cameraphone different to others that you have seen. The sensor on the Symbian version is 41 megapixels allowing for extremely high res pictures to be taken or for lower res images to be digitally zoomed without losing any quality.

What isn’t clear at the moment is what Nokia defines PureView as. If it’s literelly the same 41 megapixel camera, lens system and algorithms that run it then expect some seriously nice photos being taken from WM7/8 devices. But, PureView might not literally mean a 41 megapixel sensor so there is a chance it might not be exactly the same quality as the 808.

Either way, the Nokia senior Vice president (Jo Harlow) has confirmed that Windows Phones will get PureView. We don’t have dates just yet for this and we also do not know the names of the smartphones that will launch with it, but we expect to see something over the next few months or perhaps later this year as he did also comment that it “wont take very long”.


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