Nintendo DSi XL Coming to UK March 5

Nintendo have revealed a launch date for the Nintendo DSi XL which we first mentioned mid last year. It is set to hit the UK on March 5 this year.

The new DSi XL version is larger than previous models and boasts two 4.2 inch screens making them 93% bigger than the DS Lite screens.

As well as having larger screens the DSi XL screens will allow for a wider viewing angle allowing others to watch the action.

Launch colours will see the device come in wine red and dark brown which are covered in a glossy sheen over a matte finish on the underside to provide grip while playing, or resting your arms while they get used to carrying a heavier lump.

The Nintendo DSi XL will also come with games pre-loaded that includes some Brain Training from Dr Kawashima as well as a dictionary with a 6 in 1 with camera function.

Although we know the release data of the DSi XL, we do not know the price yet which is expected to be higher than the current Nintendo DSi.

Via: Pocket Lint

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