Nintendo 3DS Graphics Chipset Revealed

Nintendo finally unveiled the Nintendo 3DS last week at E3. The system uses a unique 3D screen that gets rid of the requirement to wear glasses. We now have heard some of the technical details which shows what chip powers the 3D graphics.

The chip is called the PICA200 chip and from what we understand, it is quite capable although generally unheard of. It is clocked at 200MHz and is capable of shifting 15.3 million polygons per second or 800 million pixels.

This chip can run the 3DS with anti-aliasing at full screen also.

Although it might not be the most powerful graphics chip, it should certainly handle what Nintendo and developers throw at it.

Hopefully more of the specs are revealed soon. If Nintendo decide not to reveal the actual specs I am sure iFixit or a similar teardown place will soon reveal what’s in side. When we say soon, we should probably say by Christmas when it is due to launch in one market somewhere around the world.

Via: CrunchGear

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