Nintendo 3DS UK Model to Arrive Early 2011

For those wanting a Nintendo 3DS that was recently revealed at E3 this week, you’ll have to wait till early 2011 if a senior source from Nintendo is to be believed.

The Nintendo 3DS was expected to arrive here in the UK before Christmas, but it seems now that it will just miss the Christmas rush and land sometime early in 2011 which we hope is January although precise dates have not been confirmed.

The Nintendo 3DS seen at E3 might not be the final version with Nintendo commenting that the design of it could change before the launch date. Also we hear that one territory is likely to get the 3DS this year with the rest following next year. The exact first territory has not been revealed just yet.

When we get more details on the new Nintendo 3DS we’ll pass them on. With the launch being several months away we don’t expect to see too much in the coming months other than the odd rumour here and there about release dates.

Via: SlashGear

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