Nintendo 3DS Captured on Video – Kind of

Last week we heard reports about Nintendo creating a New Nintendo DS called the Nintendo 3DS (as in it’s a 3D handheld). It is expected that the Nintendo 3DS will launch perhaps March next year in 2011 and will be the first handheld gaming device to have a 3D screen that requires no special glasses to see the 3D effect.

A user managed to capture the 3DS on video to show us a little more of what it might be like… it might surprise you.

Oh well, I guess we have to wait a little longer to see it actually in action.

Out of interest we hear that the new Nintendo 3DS will accept all DS and DSi games (and the new larger model) as well as have a 3D controller along with force feedback amongst a few other goodies. We should get the official details in the next few months all being well, so you’ll have to wait till then to hear about how the glasses-less 3D screen actually works.

Via: CrunchGear


  1. Maria teresa Nano says

    Hi there, what i really like on the new Nintendo DS is that having a 3D. I am very excited to play because i will not use a glasses anymore just to see the 3D effects. I guess not just me are very excited concerning it, several kids are now also much excited playing on this 3D Nintendo. I hope that everybody will enjoy this new Handheld gaming gadget.

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