Nexus One Android 2.3 Update Release Date – Today!!

You might have heard already today that Android 2.3 has been announced. We now hear that the Nexus One Android 2.3 update is now being pushed out. From what we understand, the update brings all features to the Nexus One other than what requires new hardware such as NFC and Gyroscope.

The new Android 2.3 SDK is also available as of today.

As for Nexus One owners getting it, make sure you let us know if you manage to get it and what performance increases you have seen on the Nexus One. We suspect things will run a bit faster considering all the changes that have been made to optimise the whole experience.

As for other smartphones, we are not sure at this point in time which ones will get the Android 2.3 update. Expect those details to be revealed soon though.

Via: Engadget

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