Android 2.3 SDK Unveiled

Google has announced the Android 2.3 operating system today along with releasing the 2.3 SDK/NDK.

Android 2.3 brings a number of new features to compatible smartphones such as better support for games and better support for developers. Also included is VoIP support, video calling for those devices with a front facing camera as well as a gyroscope and NFC integration (as suggested earlier).

You can see more details about Android 2.3 over at Google and also download the SDK over here.

Check out the video below to see a few of the features and what new things the latest Android build (Gingerbread) will bring to devices that run it.


  1. Name: Mark says

    I am very old I only have a phone that was used for getting ahold of me be the transplant center. I don’t know what an android is but I know they are high tech and I would like one but I would never figure out how to use it Yes it will be unveiled today i do believe

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