New Amazon Kindle Announced – $79 Available Today

As well as announcing the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, a new Amazon Kindle has also been announced. This new generation of eReader comes with a price tag of $79 (£89 in the UK) which is the first time the price has dropped below $100.

Amazon is changing the Kindle a little with this particular model. For those who want it at $79, you’ll begin seeing ads. Those wanting to avoid ads can pay up a little more ($109) which drops all ads completely.

The new Kindle is available today and can be ordered over at This particular model is the lowest price version. Another version was also announced which we will cover in the next post.

Technical specs show the device uses E Ink which measures 6 inches. The resolution is 600 x 800 pixels at 167 PPI. The device measures 166 x 114 x 8.7 mm and weighs 170 grams.

The device connects to the web via wireless and allows you to download up to 1,400 books at a time. Cloud storage is also included. The battery life is the usual high at about a month with 30 minutes of reading per day.

Full details of the new Amazon Kindle can be found over at Amazon.

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