Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Announced

Amazon has announced a new tablet called the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is a step up from the regular Kindle in that it’s the first device from Amazon to have a colour screen and run the Android operating system.

The technical specs we have so far show that the 7 inch screen is IPS and is covered in Gorilla Glass for extra strength. Poweing the Kindle Fire tablet is a dual core processor.

The operating system on the Amazon Kindle Fire is Google Android although it has been heavily customised and utilises Amazon Silk which makes browsing run quicker on the device. The new tablet will also provide access to over 100,000 movies as well as 17 million songs along with the Kindle eBook library.

For storing movies and other content users have the option of Amazon Cloud Storage for free. Whispersync is compatible with this which allows content to easily be streamed when needed.

As for the price, rumours had hinted at $249 and even $299 although Amazon is actually launching it for $199 on November 15th this year.

Source Via: Geeky Gadgets

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