MoviePeg for iPad Launches

We originally wrote about the MoviePeg iPhone Stand back in March this year. The original was a single peg that attaches to the side of an iPhone to prop it up at a better angle for watching movies. It’s a simple, cheap and fantastic idea.

The iPad launched in April and a lot of people have been wondering if a MoviePeg iPad stand would be made available… the answer is yes, and it’s available now.

The MoviePeg iPad stand is similar to the iPhone version, but because of the iPad being larger, you need to use two MoviePegs instead. When ordering the MoviePeg for iPad you actually get two that can snap together to keep them safe whilst travelling around.

For a limited time the MoviePeg for iPad is being supplied in Clockwork Orange. The Clockwork Orange MoviePeg is a limited edition colour limited to 1000 pieces. The other colour is Pitch Black. Both colours cost £12.99 a pair with shipping at £2.50. The company ship globally.

You can pick the MoviePeg for iPad and iPhone up from over here.

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