Movie Peg iPhone Stand

The Movie Peg is a neat little idea that allows you to easily prop up your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch to make a more comfortable viewing angle.

Forget awkwardly propping up your iPhone with your bag or that complicated tripod contraption. Add MoviePeg to your iPhone, adjust the angle and like magic you’ll be in relaxed viewing heaven. And it’s not just for movies; use it in the kitchen when following recipes, with the guys watching sports, as a night-stand for your alarm clock, in the garage working through those how-to instructions, or keeping the kids entertained without the evidence of sticky little fingers. No matter how you use it, MoviePeg is your super portable iPhone tilting wonder.

The Movie Peg is available now costing £4.99.

Via: GG and GadgetReview


  1. Marty McPadden says

    I just received a MoviePeg and I have to say it’s a very cool idea. I love the simplicity of MoviePeg and does a great job of functioning as a stand for your iPhone. Just pop it in your pocket and go.

  2. I don’t have an Apple device. I have the Samsung Epic phone and would love to have a kick stand like the EVO. Willl this work with other devices?

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