Motorola Droid gets Hands on at BGR

motorola-droid_1Over the weekend we posted some shots that we found regarding the Android 2.0 operating system that BGR managed to get their hands on. Just a day before that BGR also made a quick video showing HELLOMOTODROID which looks to be exactly the same phone.

Now BGR have shown us some full pictures of the phone including a number of angles showing us exactly what it will look like. The phone as mentioned, will run Android 2.0 (which from what I have read looks amazing) and will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 3G S. It is described as the thinnest QWERTY slider phone ever mad. It runs a fast processor and has a nice sized capacitive touch-screen for input.

The keyboard is described as being very usable although apparently it isn’t the final keyboard that will be used. Another unique feature is the docking station that you get with the phone. When sitting it next to your PC the phone tuens in to a multimedia station to present weather information along with time and other various details that you might want to know.

Overall the phone has been described as being quite amazing by BGR. Take a look over their gallery to see exactly what the phone will look like and what you get.



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  1. Gzus Kryst says

    it looks pretty beast. I think its just gonna be another phone though. Wait a month after that comes out and therll be a better one.

  2. It may be more powerful, but Apple still does style better than anyone, this phone is U-G-L-Y. Looks like something from the ’80’s.

  3. This smartphone is going to be amazing! While it may not have an ugly pudgy rounded backside like the iPhone, it is definitely sleek and stylish. As anyone who knows about style and design will tell you, its all about minimal for maximizing style. Other than that, this smartphone will be running the same browsing power as the iPhone and Palm Pre which means it will have the fastest browsing speeds thanks to Verizon’s highly superior network (which is about to become 4G and even further surpass AT&T and all other competitors). This smartphone is also highly customizable and has a large internal memory with the ability to use MicroSD removable memory…up to 32G! This device will also be similar to the Blackberry in that it will be highly practical for corporate use, whereas the iPhone isn’t. The headphone jack for this smartphone is a standard jack so there will be no need for adapters and there is removable battery power, which means you can have multiple batteries and even an extended life battery which is not offered by the iPhone. Verizon Wireless will also be introducing an App type store for this phone. All of the companies that make your favorite apps for the iPhone are not under contract with Apple and will be duplicating and improving these apps for the Droid. The 5.0 megapixel camera is almost the most powerful camera offered in a smartphone today (supassed by a mere0.1 megapixel on a standard phone). Did I mention this phone also has a flash and can record video…two major things lacked by the iPhone! Oh yeah! This smartphone also allows for users to run apps in the background. One other thing, this smartphone is powered by Google and their Android 2.0 technology and user interface which will not only make it the best web experience offered on a mobile device but it will also be the most user friendly and appealing. While the iPhone will retain salws and Apple lovers will continue to bash the Droid, they cannot deny that they use Google and will be forced to admit that when it comes to knowing the web, Google is number one. While I am an Apple lover (I currently use their laptops and iPods and have used the iPhone 3G) I am already admitting that this smartphone is a major improvement to the iPhone in every way (except maybe as a gaming device…no it probably will do that better too)!

  4. Ryan Gowins says

    OK, first off, “about to become 4G”? Not quite, because Verizon was so stuborn and would not shy away from their inferioir CDMA technology, they will have to place all new hardware at all of their sites in order to upgrade to LTE (4G). Since they have been focused on building the nations “largest” outdated network for the last 6 years while other companies have been upgrading current hardware, that means they have to rebuild the “largest” network. The can’t just do software upgrades anymore. Financially, we are talking about a minimum of 4 years, in the meantime all of the other comapanies with their “fastest” advanced networks are already 3 steps ahead. Just because Verizon is the first company to put a piece of LTE equipment in anywhere does not mean they will be the first to have a complete LTE network. Don’t believe the hype. And about this phone, it’s still a Motorola, aka GARBAGE!!!

  5. Ryan Gowins says

    Oh and buy the way, all of those things you say the iphone can’t do (run apps in background, play flash, record video, memory up to 32G) WRONG. Simple solution, jailbreak a 32G iPhone 3GS, I am writing this on that exact phone right now, and then it does all those things and better because remember, it is an Apple. Steve Jobs for President!!!!!

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