Android 2.0 Screen Shots Revealed

Android-2-0Boy Genius Report managed to get to spend some time with the unannounced and unreleased version of Android 2.0. The report has a lot of images covering a number of aspects of the new operating system. Some of the major changes include a native Facebook application, native Exchange support, upgrade to Google Maps, browser improvements, contacts tweaked and a whole new UI. BGR described the new OS as making Android a very viable and interesting operating system.

The whole system looks to be quite amazing from what I see in the screen shots. There are many features that can be fine tuned such as selecting if you want a system backup for the device, or “shake to refresh” active on Facebook to name just 2 of the great amount.

Including native Exchange makes it more viable also as the current Exchange that’s on Hero and TouchDown just don’t quite work as required and are still a bit buggy.

To take a look at the full run down of screen shots get yourself over to BGR now.

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