Motorola Android 2.1 Updates Outlined

Motorola have outlined their Android 2.1 roadmap to get all their Android handsets current with the latest version of Android, ie, 2.1.

There are currently six Android phones listed by Motorola of which the DROID has already gone through the process of OTA updates to Android 2.1. Next on the list is the MILESTONE that also has had updates pushed out to it and this process “should” be complete by now.

The Motorola CLIQ and CLIQ XT are both pencilled in for a Q3 OTA update and following that is the Motorola BACKFLIP and some country versions of the DEXT. The Motorola DEVOUR however, is under review perhaps due to how recently it launched.

Although there are no set dates for the updates, it’s good to hear that in a few months time most of the 6 Android smartphones will be running Android 2.1 (at which point a new version will probably be launched anyway).

I’d also be surprised if Motorola managed to achieve the roadmap it has in place as they often hit delays when it comes to OTA updates for the Android phones.

Via: Android Community

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