More Mini iPhone Rumors Added

Last week, rumors of a mini iPhone were revealed. The rumors hinted at a device with a 2.5 inch screen that in total, would be 1/3 smaller than the current iPhone 4.

At the time, we heard that it would be made from some parts of older iPhone models which was being done to keep costs down. The price tag is expected to be $200 off contract, which will be amazing if Apple can get the price that cheap. Anyway, more details have been added to the WSJ article which give a bit more information away. Read on!

What we hear now is that a prototype model has been seen and that it has an edge to edge screen. We assume the screen will be touchscreen. We also hear that voice navigation could play a good part in this device.

The person who saw the prototype of the new iPhone said the device was significantly lighter than the iPhone 4 and had an edge-to-edge screen that could be manipulated by touch, as well as a virtual keyboard and voice-based navigation. The person said Apple, based in Cupertino, Calif., also plans to upgrade the iPhone 4.

As well as an iPhone mini being launched this year, it is also expected that the regular sized iPhone will also get the usual yearly update. Speculation of a new design has been going around although it could also be just made in to a world phone that works on CDMA and GSM as well as have a faster processor while keeping the same form factor. We will probably hear more details over the coming months although we won’t know for sure till Apple takes the stage and formally announces it.

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