Mini iPhone Rumors Notch Up a Gear

Reports today indicate that Apple [AAPL], is working on a new form factor for the iPhone which could be described as being the iPhone nano.

The iPhone nano is expected to be 1/3 smaller than the regular sized iPhone and will be made from older parts. Due to the older parts being used, it is rumored to have a price tag of just $200 off contract. That makes it the same price as the regular iPhone 4 16GB on contract.

The old parts referenced are believed to include some from the iPhone 4 and older models.

What isn’t clear is how Apple will exactly shrink down the iPhone nano as the new screen resolution could cause a problem for app developers. Apple also has worked hard on the virtual keyboard and we aren’t convinced that making that even smaller would be a good thing.

Right now, there’s just too many questions about a smaller iPhone model and even more so when the price unsubsidized, is expected to be less than $200.

Via: TechCrunch


  1. Great, a crappy iphone cobbled together from scrap leftover parts laying around.

    • We’ll I’m sure they wont be using left overs found under a desk. LOL. It will be the same parts that have already been designed so they don’t have to go through the whole redesign process for each part.

  2. kevin smith says

    Yeah, an the same antenna. No thanks. That’s why everyone with a Verizon iphone is dropping calls like mad, just like att.

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