Microsoft OneNote Free for iPhone

Microsoft has launched OneNote for the iPhone. The new app was approved and added to the App Store yesterday and for a limited amount of time, it will be free for users to download.

Microsoft hasn’t said how long the app will be free for, so it’s best you grab it while you can. The downside at the moment is that only US iTunes users are able to download the app. Other markets simply cannot download the app unless setting up an iTunes account with a US based address.

Prior to the release of the OneNote App for iPhone, a web based version was available that was optimized for the iPhone browser. However, this couldn’t be used to edit notes and was just a read-only version only. This new version allows you to read and edit notes.

As for an iPad version, it isn’t clear if one is being made yet although a number of people expressed interest in Microsoft offering this. We’ll find out more later.

Via: ZDNet

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