Microsoft Kinect on Jimmy Fallon

The Jimmy Fallon show last night had the Microsoft Kinect being demonstrated. The Kinect is a new device from Microsoft [MSFT] that uses a camera system to track your body movements and basically use you as the controller.

The demonstration looks quite good. There is a little bit of lag in the game play in that when the people jump, the characters follow shortly after. However, it does look like a cool way to interact with games and could be a lot of fun when launched in a few months time (by the way, pre-orders are detailed here).

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Just remember that about 4 – 5 months is the launch date so a lot can be fixed and changed in that time with the product. What you see now on screen (ie, any problems) should be fixed in time for it’s launch.

Via: Kotaku

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