MaxiVista – Use your iPad as a Second PC Monitor

There’s already an app available for the Apple iPad that lets you use the iPad as a second monitor wirelessly for a Mac. The version for the Mac is called Air Display and although there’s talk of a Windows version, it hasn’t happened yet.

MaxiVista is an app for the iPad that allows you to use the iPad as a secondary monitor for Windows based PC’s. The iPad screen can have windows dragged on to it as well as play video, view Skype messages and whatever you want to use on the second screen. The Windows software works on both the 32 and 64-bit versions of windows from XP through to version 7.

MaxiVista Features

* Fully automatic configuration. Install & Go!
* Automatic update of the display orientation by simply turning the iPad.
* MaxiVista is the first to support Windows Vista/7 including its latest WDDM video driver technology.
* MaxiVista also works in existing multi monitor configurations.
* The 32 and 64 Bit virtual video drivers are certified for Windows.
* Automatic network parameter detection.
* The iPad’s IP address can, optionally, be configured manually.

The video below shows a demonstration of how it all works and what you can expect to see when you use the application.

Via: AppAdvice

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