Apple iPad used as Secondary Display via WiFi

Avataron has created an app that allows your Apple iPad to function as a secondary monitor for your Mac. The app is called Air Display and uses the WiFi built in to the iPad to transmit data to and from the Mac.

Simply put, it extends the desktop on your Mac allowing you to drag windows across to the iPad as and when needed. Another interesting feature of the application is it’s ability to use the touchscreen of the iPad as a mouse to control the mac if needed.

The application isn’t available just yet and is going to be submitted to Apple [AAPL] next week for approval. If approved you’ll get the ability to use the iPad as a mini screen assuming you also install the app on your Mac to allow the two to communicate together.

When launched, the Air Display app will cost $9.99. Lets just hope this one gets approved as it sounds like a very handy application to have and would certainly make use of the extra screen space sitting on your desktop more than likely just showing the slide to unlock bar.

Via: CultofMac


  1. I wonder how good playing games would work with Air Display


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