MacBook Pro Thunderbolt Connector Leaked

Some pictures have leaked of a 13 inch MacBook Pro that are believed to be the new 2011 model that could be launching as early as tomorrow.

One rumor that accompanies this is that Apple will also utilize some kind of Light Peak connector for high speed transfer between devices. This particular rumor was further strengthened last night when Intel announced an event also being held tomorrow.

The website that leaked the image of the new MacBook Pro also shows it having a new connector inbetween the firewire and the USB ports, it is believed that this connector could be the new high speed interface that we have been hearing about. Other information and leaked pictures indicate that this particular interface could be called Thunderbolt.

What we are unsure of at the moment is the port looking like a mini Display port. If this is a mini display port, it could be a port used for both data and graphics.

We should find out more tomorrow when Intel makes an announcement and when Apple follows shortly after with a potential release of the new MacBook Pro range for 2011.

Update: The Logo is below via: fscklog

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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