Logitech Google TV Box gets a name – Revue with Google TV

Google TV was announced officially a few weeks back. Google TV comes in two forms. The first is Google TV built in to new TV’s and the second is a companion box for those who buy a new TV that isn’t powered by Google [GOOG] or for those with an older TV.

Logitech is the first company to make a Google TV companion box which we saw a few weeks back. At the time it was just called the CE4100. Now it has been renamed to Revue with Google TV.

Nothing else new has been provided about the Google TV companion box and for now we only have the standard information that says it exists and that it will arrive in the future. No pricing or exact dates are known just yet.

For those who are unsure what Google TV is, check out the video over here which answers that question of “What is Google TV?

Via: Engadget

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