Logitec to Launch Google TV Companion Box

Yesterday, Google [GOOG] announced the Google TV amongst other things. Google TV is a service that makes television the way it should be (in Google’s words). Two options are available to get Google TV. The first requires that you get a TV with built in Google TV. These will be developed shortly and will come from companies who work with Intel to put computers powerful enough to run the operating system.

The second option is for those who do not want to buy a specific Google TV, or for those who do not want to upgrade. This option comes in the form of a companion box that sits between your set top box and your TV.

Logitec has announced that it is getting on board with the Google TV system by creating companion boxes for users to hook up to their HDTV. The Logitec box will be the first Google TV box and will launch in the US when the service is ready to run. The system will work with the Harmony remote technology that will allow users to interact with the Google TV services. The controller includes a compact keyboard along with a touchpad.

As well as launching the TV box and remote control, a HD camera for video calling will also be sold as an accessory.

Unfortunately there is no release date, no pricing and no official specifications of the Logitec companion box although we expect to see these later on this year.

As for a launch in other countries, it appears that Google TV is first heading to the US where 60 million HDTV’s are in use. There are no dates for an international launch just yet.

Full details can be found over at Logitec.

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