Light Blue Optics Light Touch on Show at CES

Just a few days ago we posted some press shots of the Light Touch, a device built by Light Blue Optics that aims to turn surfaces in to working computers by projecting an image and picking up when the image is touched.

The company have their Light Touch on display at CES this year and it looks as good as the press shots show it to be. The system uses full colour holographic laser to reproduce the image on any surface. By using laser the image always stays in focus regardless of how far the surface is away.

The Light Touch runs Windows CE and works as an interactive computer that can sit on a desk in a restaurant for example. Although the setting at CES is a little darker than normal, the projector side lights up at 15 lumens. Infrared is used to sense touch on the display with Engadget reporting that it is far more accurate than expected.

At the moment touch is only single touch although it is possible to tweak the software to support multi-touch in the near future.

Check out the details at Engadget to see a video of the device in action. It’s quite impressive!


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