Light Touch Interactive Projector from Light Blue Optics

Light Blue Optics have created a new interactive projector called Light Touch that can turn any surface in to an interactive touch-screen.

The projector is capable of throwing a 10 inch image on to a surface such as a table and is also capable of detecting when the image is touched. The system uses what’s called holographic laser projection technology that can create bright and high quality images that always stay in focus regardless of the distance between the desk and laser. The Light Touch also uses HLP that is able to throw a very wide angled image allowing the projector to sit close to the desk.

Infra-red is used to sense touch and the system runs Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 that allows content to be easily developed for it. To transfer data to and from the device either wireless or bluetooth can be used. Connectivity can connect you up to the internet to browse websites such as facebook and Bluetooth allows connectivity to a phone. The Light Touch also has a 2GB onboard flash and can accept microSD cards up to 32GB in capacity. The device can be powered from a wall socket or by battery which lasts two hours.

Full details of the device can be found at LightBlueOptics.

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