Light Blue Optics Light Touch Demoed

Robert Scoble managed to meet up with Dr Adrian Cable who is the CTO of Light Blue Optics. The Light Touch is device that sits on a table and is capable of projecting an image on to the surface it sits on. An infra-red curtain is created across the table and when you touch the desk you can interact with the projector.

Uses for such a technology could be seen in restaurants where interactive menus can be displayed. The system uses a custom built laser projection system. As the screen is created by laser it allows for the full image to always be in focus regardless of where the image is displayed and at what distance the image is created.

We have mentioned the Light Touch before as well as a brief demonstration. The video below shows a good 20 minutes with Adrian Cable who goes in to details of what the company want to achieve and where and how their technology will be sold.

Via: Scobleizer

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