LG Windows Phone 7 Series device to be called Panther

Several days ago, Engadget managed to capture on video a new, kind of mysterious, Windows Phone 7 Series phone that was claimed to be the first handset to be made available. We are now hearing that the handset will be called the LG Panther.

No other details on the phone are known other than what we obviously see in the picture of it in that it has a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out the left side of the device along with a large touchscreen, three physical buttons below the screen that are mandatory on all Windows Phone 7 Series handsets and we assume a 1GHz Snapdragon processor that is also mandatory.

It certainly looks like a decent phone and it’s also good that LG are moving beyond the annoying S-Class interface that was getting a bit old and clunky to use.

We only know right now that the phone should be arriving sometime between September and November when Windows Phone 7 Series officially launches and as expected, we also wont know prices for another several months probably late August if the phone is to arrive in September.

Via: Best Mobile

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