LG Windows Phone 7 Series Handset Revealed

Last week we mentioned that LG were readying the first Windows Phone 7 Series handset ready for launch sometime between September and November this year.

Engadget managed to take a look at the handset whilst filming the Engadget Show. A quick look at the picture above shows that it appears to have the right things in place to qualify as a Windows Phone 7 Series handset such as it having 3 hardware buttons below the screen and a large high-res screen that’s capacitive touch.

The new LG phone has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for text input which will be welcomed by some. The three standard buttons that are a requirement are back, home and search. Several other buttons around the edges such as volume, power and a dedicated camera button are also present.

The phone it’s self, even though a slide out QWERTY phone, is just marginally thicker than an Apple iPhone or Nexus one according to Engadget. The camera as expected can capture images at 5 megapixels.

Overall it looks to be an impressive phone and although not much information is available due to obvious reasons that it’s still several months away from launch and a lot can change in that time, it is good to start seeing what hardware will function like and what we can expect from the new generation of Windows Mobile phones.

Via: Gaj-IT and NeoWin

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