Lenovo Pocket Yoga Netbook

lenovo-pocket-yogaLenova has confirmed existence of the Pocket Yoga Touchscreen netbook by posting images in it’s photo feed. The Yoga is similar in layout to the Sony Vaio P in that it has an ultra wide display.

On the outside it is covered in leather which wraps around the whole of the device. The screen appears to be capable of flipping all the way around so it can be used with a stylus as a tablet PC. This idea is excellent in my opinion as it makes it a very handy device should you want pen input only while walking about.

According to Electronista the Lenova Pocket Yoga netbook is an experiment from 2007 and due to an earlier leak they decided to create some formal shots. Apparently it is a finished product but not much else is known about it and when/if it will be made available.

Via: LikeCool



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