Kinect’s First Day

Well it’s been a day since Microsoft’s new hands-free, motion sensing camera – Kinect, arrived in the UK.

With such titles as Kinectimals and Dance Central, we gain a small glimpse at what Kinect is capable of. But this comes with mixed reviews. Many users have complained about the spacial requirements deemed necessary by the hi-tech camera where others have found difficulties in the camera’s ability to recognise faces. Though these haven’t seemed to dampen the new peripherals impact on the nation.

With rather stiff competition by Sony’s PlayStation Move, it remains to be seen how well Kinect will stand. But more importantly it’ll come down to the games that are released for the peripherals in the near future.

As far as pricing goes, it’s going to cost you £130 for the standalone camera whereas it’ll only cost you around £40 for Move. The added bonus with Kinect is it’s no-hands gaming. But Move is said to have greater accuracy than that of Nintendo’s Wii. It’s going to be sales within the next year that’ll push one of them to the top of the charts and right now we reckon it could go either way.

Have you bought Kinect already? If so, what do you make of it? Which one do you prefer? Leave us your comments.


  1. Hi there

    Well i went to Argos this morning to pick up my kinect and Dance Central since that seems to be the most popular game for the kinect. I’ve got quite a small room that i play in and everything worked fine for me. It actually worked better after i switched off my bedside lamp. The only problem i have is that i registered my sky account with my girlfriends profile and now everytime it recognises my face it signs me in with my profile and then i cant view any sky content……. that sucks a bit. Anyways i think kinect is great and i’m sure its going to grow lots in the future. I mean they can always add some wii type controllers later to it to make it more sensitive and have the edge over PS Move.

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