Kindle Bookstore in US has Over 700,000 Books Available for Download

Hidden amongst the news of the Kindle Android app update earlier today, was some more news that Amazon now has over 700,000 books available for Kindle in the US.

Three weeks ago that number was 670,000 which is a nice increase of 10,000 per week if you spread it out evenly. A look back to April this year shows that 500,000 books were available.

Looking at the competition, it appears that Barnes & Noble is still ahead with a claim of 1 million titles that can be downloaded electronically. Either way, both sets of numbers are impressive.

The popularity of eBooks is continuing to rise. More people purchased the latest generation Kindle than any other Kindle device released in the same time frame. The amount of books being downloaded as well is increasing when comparing the numbers from 2009 to 2010.

The new Kindle is available from Amazon and comes with a new higher contrast screen to make it even better for reading in sunlight. It is also thinner than previous models, faster and has more storage. The price point is also lower making it a very handy device if you prefer something to read rather than something more interactive (and more pricey) like the iPad.

Via: Tech Crunch


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