JooJoo Tablet hits the FTC

The FCC has taken a look at the JooJoo tablet and as well as giving it a thorough check over to make sure it complies with certain standards, they also have a picture of the inside as well as the details of what powers the device.

Just yesterday we heard about the JooJoo tablet getting a user interface makeover making it look a little bit more attractive to use. This new user interface mixed with the revealed hardware specs make it appear to be quite an impressive machine.

The JooJoo runs an NVIDIA Ion along with an Intel Atom N270 CPU. We also hear there is integrated 3G built in which was contrary to reports heard before. The worrying thing is that the JooJoo appears to run standard hardware and if not optimised just right, we could see that NVIDIA Ion chip suck a lot of power out of the battery making it a lot lower than it’s main competitor the Apple iPad (which just became available for pre-order in the last hour).

The JooJoo is set to launch (hopefully the end of March) although we might see that slip again as it has done previously. But as it’s a HD capable tablet with a large capacitive touchscreen, it does make it quite a tempting option if you are looking at getting a tablet PC.

We’ll have more details over the next few weeks as we get nearer to the launch date.

Via: SlashGear

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