JooJoo Hands-On

joojoo-iphoneThe JooJoo was revealed yesterday amidst a few issues between TechCrunch and Fusion Garage. CNET were the first to get a preview of the newly named JooJoo (formerly CrunchPad) that is a 12.1″ web browsing device. The device looks very sleek being very thin and also having a capacitive touchscreen.

On the right side of the device there are mic, headphone jacks and on the left a USB port to expand memory, or attach an external keyboard to the device.

The device boots in just 9 seconds in to the web browser and once there, has a window which has all the main short cuts categorised such as social networking, email, news where you can load up at the tap of the screen. Of course, other sites can also be loaded up quickly.

Overall the device is very impressive and more so than I thought it would have been. It’s thin, has a decent sized capacitive touchscreen that appears to be responsive and with a 9 second boot time it also is quick at getting you online.

If you want to do other things on the JooJoo then your out of luck as it’s strictly a web browsing device only although I can quickly see it being hacked in to as soon as it’s launched this week.

Full details at CNET.

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