JooJoo has Finally Arrived

Engadget are reporting that they finally received their JooJoo from Fusion Garage. Timing might not have been the greatest leading up to the huge launch day of that other tablet device (Apple iPad if you hadn’t guessed).

Rather than doing the full review now, Engadget decided to leave it for a few days so they could get familiar with the device and give it a fair review. Also in a video created by Josh, he also mentioned that due to the big news event tomorrow the Engadget site probably didn’t have the bandwidth to cope with two large stories running, as well as having staff already assigned to the iPad and other reviews for the day.

The hands-on video goes over some of the basics like the new user interface that was added along with basic browsing, flash tests etc… Overall it seems acceptable, but doesn’t seem to have the smoothness that the iPad does in that video is a little jerky at HD resolutions. Also gestures seemed to be a bit laggy too when screen transitions happened. However, it’s just a quick hands on with a full review happening in the next few days. Check out the video below…

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