JooJoo now Available in Europe

The JooJoo launched about a month ago in the US with a price tag of $499 plus shipping. We now hear that the JooJoo is now shipping to Europe with a price tag of ‚¬359 plus ‚¬15 for shipping.

The JooJoo has a 12 inch screen and is designed to browse the web. Technical specs of the JooJoo show that the 12.1 inch screen can display 1366 x 786 pixels. It is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor along with NVIDIA ION graphics. It runs a custom Linux OS.

The downside of the JooJoo at the moment is that it doesn’t seem as refined as it needs to be in that the UI seems to struggle with transitions and video seems a little choppy when running. New updates are supposedly in the works though so it does have chance to improve as the hardware it runs is fairly decent. Another downer, although not confirmed officially, is the supposed 64 units sold since launch with the worries of the company pulling through that. Of course the 64 users open emailed a few weeks back could only be a tiny sample of a larger user base and a comment confirmed that it was just a small sample of users they were seeking feedback from… but the comment didn’t come from a fusiongarage email address.

Either way, it has potential, looks good and is way more open than the Apple iPad for example allowing for peripherals to be added and potentially custom OS’s being easily installed.

Via: Liliputing

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