iRiver eBook Reader gets WiFi

The iRiver Story eBook reader when launched lacked the connectivity it needed for those who wanted to grab books whilst on the move. iRiver has included an update on the latest model which sees the eBook reader now get a WiFi connection built in.

As well as gaining WiFi, the Story eBook reader also connects up to the WH Smiths online ebook store allowing users to grab books wherever they are.

The wireless addition is the only addition to the latest version whos other specs have remained identical. It’s still a nice upgrade though for those who wanted the iRiver Story but held back due to the lack of connectivity.

Technical specs of the device show that it has a 800 x 800 pixel screen that measures 6 inches. The screen is grey and shows up to 16 levels of grey. The OS running in the Story reader is Linux which uses the Flow user interface. This UI allows books in ePub, PDF, TXT, FBU and DJVU to be read.

Overall it’s an impressive device and one worth checking out should you want something other than a Kindle or a Nook. Battery performance is also good on the device and allows for 9000 page turns to be performed on a single charge. The good thing about eInk is that it only requires battery power while turning a page which allows for the longer life.

The downside of the iRiver Story is the price tag of £250. The Kindle recently had a price cut taking that down to $189 (£125) and the Nook also had a similar price drop just before that.

Via: Pocket Lint

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