FaceTime Coming to iPod touch and iPad

FaceTime is currently only available on the iPhone 4 and only can be used when calling another iPhone 4 device.

Apple [AAPL] is bringing FaceTime to other devices though. The main question is based around how it will work though with iPod touch devices not having a phone number. BGR managed to get the details which show that your Apple ID will be registered with your device and when someone wants to connect with FaceTime to you, they simply use your email address.

By using push notifications it will allow incoming FaceTime requests to pop up on the iPod touch and other iDevices allowing calls to be initiated.

BGR mention that the iPad is also included here which obviously has no camera, so we are not sure what’s happening there. We assume the 2nd gen iPad will have a camera built in, but for those with the 1st gen, perhaps incoming video only can be used with outgoing voice.

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