iPhone Skype VoIP Calls over 3G Coming Soon

Since the latest iPhone 3.2 SDK was launched last week a couple of companies have announced that they have updated their iPhone applications to allow VoIP calls. Those companies include Fring and iCall.

With two other companies offering VoIP over 3G, a number of people have been wondering where Skype stands in all of this as their application has yet to be updated.

An answer was given yesterday by David Ponsford who says that Skype are holding their application back a little longer so they can fine tune it to give the best call quality possible. Although no official date for release has been given his answer simply said “soon”.

As well as working on a new iPhone app, Skype are also looking over technical details for the iPad and looking at ways to integrate Skype in to the iPad with what the SDK shows as being available for usage. If Skype do go ahead and create a Skype iPad application then an announcement should be made with in the next few months, hopefully before the iPad arrives.

Via: Skype


  1. Awesome to hear it’s coming soon. Skype doesn’t need to rush to the market.. they have a massive user base and many great services. I can’t wait until Skype gets incoming internet numbers here in Canada too. Looking forward to a pure WiFi phone system that works across multiple devices and locations!

  2. iphone User says

    hello Mr Skype,

    its taking so long this new Application …..
    please do not add beef to the App its going to take long time.


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