Apple iOS 4 Release Date – June 21

Apple [AAPL] will be releasing iOS 4, formerly known as iPhone OS 4.0 on June 21. It will be a free upgrade to all users. iOS 4 will be made available on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G (with some features missing) and the iPod Touch (not 1st gen model). As previously mentioned, iOS 4 will not be available for the Apple iPad until later this year.

When made available you’ll be able to download it from iTunes when you sync up your phone. We are in the process of creating a list of all the features that will be included in iOS4 and what it will bring to your iPhone 3GS and 3G and what the differences are, ie – what will be missing on the 3G version.

Stay tuned and we’ll have all the details soon.


  1. Amanda H says

    I am really glad to hear that apple is finally changing/adding some features that you would previously only get by jailbreaking your device. I would pay to be able to change my background screen/ organize folders etc. but it’s going to be free! Great news so far!

  2. Gr8……….news

  3. I absolutely can’t wait!
    Well done apple *claps*.

  4. The_Barbarian says

    I hope this stops my iphone from dropping out of service all the time

    I wish I never listened to my friends and took a 24 month plan with this phone it sux

    My old Nokia always worked

  5. My iphone has always worked perfect..No out of service just good times..Im starting to wonder if its just trolls that try and bash the iphone!?

    • No. It can be a real problem. Mine was horrible for months. Just assumed it was AT&T. Turns out it was my Baseband modem (a hardware issue). Eventually it died (bricked the phone) — about a month after my warranty expired.

      Got the opportunity to pay $200 for a replacement.

      One of the few times I’ve been underwhelmed by Apple’s support response. That said, looking forward to the update.

  6. nah, i have the same problem. it’s intermittent, and i sent in bug reports and so on to apple, to no avail. maybe ios 4 will do better…. let’s hope.

  7. My iPhone drops calls sometimes, but that’s AT&T’s fault, not the iPhone. I never have any problems with the phone itself…it’s all AT&T….

    • Are sure it’s always AT&T’s fault?

      My wife and I (both with iPhone 3GS) spent two days and nights in a small town in southeast Nebraska last month and had no service of any kind during the entire stay. Three cell towers were visible from the site. Another couple (also both AT&T customers but not iPhones) staying in the same house had no problems getting service.


    IPHONE 4 Sucks, You Only get 2 gigs a month for internet thats so wack i have used 8 gigs already and its only been 2 weeks the new iphone plan if very limited and slowly it is gonna get very annoying for all the customers hope they realize it before everyone starts to switch the providers….. oh and video calling is a great new way to communicate but both parties have to be connected to wifi what are the chances of that??? you cant use video calling outside when your on vacation!!!! anyways i hope apple and att realize that these new features are not all that great especially the limitation you get!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mate, they said that they need to make deals with the carriers. The carriers cant handle it not Apple, they said that next year with they will start to allow face time over the cellular network.
      Read up.

    • How can you say that the iPhone 4 (a piece of hardware) sucks because of an AT&T specific contract that sucks? The US isn’t the only country in the world, you know, and not everyone uses AT&T. Here in Japan, Softbank offers unlimited service, no problem.

      (Also, you can use the WiFi feature with portable 3G/WiFi Modems like the MiFi in the US and/or the Pocket WiFi in Japan).

  9. JACKSPARROW, hit it.

  10. It’s great being a developer, I’ve had iOS4 for awhile now! Multi-tasking makes your apps a little laggy, but stuff like background, orientation lock, new bluetooth capabilities, and all the other stuff are great additions. Can’t wait for iPhone 4, though. HD is gonna be a sick.

  11. AmericanDeathMetal says

    Who’s got times of when I’m going to be able and download this amazing update?

  12. AmericanDeathMetal says

    Live in Texas by the way

  13. For starters, the smaller data package isn’t mandatory, it’s for the people who want a cool phone but won’t surf the web much. You can and will still be able to use the unlimited plans and surf forever. Smartphone sales have dropped since the mandatory flat rate data plan went into affect. This will allow people to buy them again without feeling like they’re wasting money. There are tons of better features in the new release especially for the corporate world like syncing multiple exchange email accounts instead of one. It will bring the ability to run multiple apps instead of closing one to open another, that’s huge!!!

  14. About.that.. says

    I think you are a little retarded. You say the iphone sucks yet all the reasons you described why it sucks was on At&t’s restrictions. Their network cannot handle that kind of bandwidth so thats why its limited. So how about you do something productive with your trolling and bring it to At&t, dumbass.

  15. iam sooooooooooo excited i can’t wait for it 😀

  16. It is 21st of June, but still there is no sign of ios4 on iTunes…

  17. WHy not released yet ?

  18. Christian says

    It’s only 00.54 in Los Angeles. They’re probably sleeping. 😉

  19. Mohammed says

    is it out yet???

  20. Nothing yet…

  21. Eastern Standard Time – I just got it. Its a big download, took over 40 min. to download and install.

  22. Mine still says “3.1.3 is the current version”…

  23. Hi
    What time will they release the updtae for countries outside US?

  24. And that time should be?

  25. Any word on a release time for this update yet? Im in the US in CST time zone.

  26. I’m hearing 9:00AM PST

  27. Mister Buns says

    lol@ they’re probably sleeping. Couldn’t they do it all automated if they rly wanted to? I mean, they ARE the most powerful tech corporation on the planet, next to microsoft and google. I wouldnt be surprised if they waited til’ 11:59 PM, just to make people anticipate it more. 😐

    • No the best time for them to release it is around 12 noon PST. It has been said that apples servers are less likely to crash if they release it around this time.

  28. cybercaser says

    dose anyone know what time 4.0 will be up or the times for older versions.

  29. where is os 4… i m waiting…

  30. Will it really be made available today?

  31. Agent Bedford says

    Its 11:53am here in KY and my itunes says 4.0 is the current version.

  32. Christian says

    I agree Buns. They probably have it scheduled and totally automated. I’m beginning to doubt I will be able to enjoy iOS 4 today. But they should release it globally today like promised. I want it now. Nothing here yet (Sweden).

  33. Nothing here yet in the UK. Waited all day so far and still nothing. 🙁

  34. Christian says

    It is here now! (Sweden)

  35. iPhone OS 4 is now here, in Mexico!!!!


  36. 9pm here in UK and is available

  37. 7:35am here in Adelaide, Australia and available 😀

  38. RICO CORVIN says

    i’ll already upgrade my iphone i’m very glade its wonderful thanks a lot …………..

  39. New version is awsome!!! Still thinking of jail breaking my 3gs.
    Does anyone know if you can turn your 3gs phone in for a credit
    I just got mine like 3 months ago bc I lost a different phone.

  40. Cool New Gadgets says

    It’s always good to know new and upcoming releases such as this one.. hope to hear more about it.

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