iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbreak

Within hours of iPhone OS 4 being made available to developers for download it appears that someone has already managed to jailbreak the new OS. This was achieved by MuscleNerd who is from the iPhone Dev Team.

A video has also been uploaded to YouTube showing Cydia running on the new operating system. Details of how to perform the jailbreak I suspect will be kept secret until the iPhone OS 4.0 release date which we have now as just sometime in the summer.

MuscleNerd also comments that the new developer release of OS 4 is quite buggy and recommends it not be installed yet unless you want to test it’s features out.

It’s certainly an achievement breaking in to such as new OS major upgrade, but it is expected that a flaw found in previous versions was also exploited on the new version.

Video below…

Via: SlashGear


  1. Sorry – but this isn’t the real 4.0…

  2. this is beta 4.0 lol

  3. Er, it is a BETA (which is a prerelease version given to people to test out, develop programs on). It IS OS4.

    • Correct. This post was written over 2 months ago which is when iPhone OS 4.0 was beta and a jailbreak was available. (now known as iOS 4 – no idea if a jailbreak is possible yet).

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