iPhone 5 Release Date Now Rumored for 2nd Week in Sept

Earlier this week, a report indicated that the iPhone 5 release date was going to be around September 5th. We now hear slightly different rumours hinting at a week or so later than that.

At the moment all these dates and suggestions are just rumours though. iOS 5 is expected in September and we expect the iPhone 5 to launch at the same time (or within days) of the new OS release.

What also isn’t known at the moment is what changes the iPhone 5 will have. We have heard reports earlier on in the year that suggest it will simply be an iPhone 4S… ie, a bit more RAM and a faster CPU although as we get closer to the release there are now signs that the design of the device will change in that it will get tapered edges (perhaps like the iPad 2) along with a larger 4 inch screen and a thinner bezel allowing the physical dimensions to remain the same (although slightly thinner).

Either way, it’s not long now until Apple make an official announcement. We’ll have all the details as soon as it arrives.


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