iPhone 5 Release Date Rumoured to be September 5 (US)

Apple broke the yearly release cycle tradition by not announcing the iPhone 5 in June this year. Instead, they delayed it a little till sometime in September. We now understand that the iPhone 5 release date could be on September 5 of this year (2011). This information doesn’t come from Apple direct (who have confirmed a product launch in September), but actually comes from Swisscom who said the phone would be launching on October 5 which is 1 month after the US launch (giving us a rough estimate of September 5 although it will likely fall sometime in that week, perhaps a Friday).

The October 5 release date is a “rest of the world” launch date according to Swisscom, but it isn’t clear how many countries out of the US will get the device the month before.

Although this isn’t concrete evidence by any means, we have heard of a September launch several times in the past and in this case, the pieces seem to fit together at a push.

We’ll wait for more details from Apple which should arrive in the next 6 to 8 weeks with details of the launch event.

Image Credit Via: Geeky Gadgets

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