iPhone 5 Could get NFC Built In

Apple [AAPL] only just released the iPhone 4 within the last couple of months which of course naturally leads us on to speculating what will or wont be made available in the iPhone 5 when it launches next year.

Recently, Apple hired an NFC expert (Near Field Communications) as a Product Manager for Mobile Commerce.

Most recently Vigier was product manager for mobile wallet, payment and NFC at US mobile payments specialist mFoundry. There he conceived and managed both the PayPal Mobile service and Starbucks’ barcode-based mobile payments service and was also responsible for the development of mobile wallet applications for two top US mobile network operators and an NFC wallet application for a top three US bank.

NFC is a technology that allows communications between devices that are held close to each other (as in a few inches apart). By using this technology in the next generation iPhone 5, it could allow contact-less payments to be easily made with the iPhone.

As well as being able to make payments via NFC, ticketing systems can also work with this method as well as many other applications.

Details were uncovered in April of this year that indicated the next gen (as in iPhone 4) could have been getting NFC although as we know now, it didn’t happen. This could still happen in a future generation though so we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it arrive next year.

Via: MacRumors

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