Apple iTravel App Uncovered

Patently Apple have found a patent by Apple [AAPL] that runs through a new application called iTravel. iTravel is said to be a system that focuses on matters such as Airport check-in and baggage identification as well as dealing with car rentals, hotels, travel booking and anything else travel related.

The system relies on near field communication (NFC) that seems to be in a few patents recently including the new Apple concert ticket patent.

It appears that NFC could be used in the iPhone 4G / HD that is expected to launch in a few months although it could also indicate that the iPhone that will launch 2011 might have NFC with all these patents getting ready to fully utilise the capabilities of the technology when it arrives in the hardware.

Patently Apple have done another huge write-up about the patent, so go ahead and check it out over at their site.

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