iPhone 4S 16GB Model Estimated to Cost $188

The iPhone 4S launched last week and within just a few days, 4 million of them were sold. As usual, iSuppli has decided to take a look at what components are used and then estimate the cost of building each device. The cost for each 16GB model was estimated to be $188 although this doesn’t include the build cost of $8 per item.

What we also need to remember here is that Apple [AAPL] doesn’t just have equipment and component costs as it also has the cost of iOS development, research, staff and a whole host of other costs to factor in to the equation. But, I think it’s safe to say that Apple does well in the smartphone business looking at the financial reports for the last quarter yesterday.

We’ll never know the exact costs of what it takes to build an individual iPhone but the numbers (detailed below) can give a rough estimate of component costs. The total cost of the other models is $207 for the 32GB and $245 for the 64GB versions. The only difference in working out costs of the iPhone is the cost of storage as it really is the only factor that changes on this model. Perhaps the white vs black could cause a slight difference but as we are seeing estimates we wont go in to that.

Source Via: 9to5Mac

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